What’s Your Color Personality

The colors you are attracted to most can say a lot about your personality. The different hews, shades and color choices that you surround yourself with can say a lot about who you are.

However I think it is important to understand that just as your mood can change, your color choices can change.

We are ever evolving and your color personality may change over time as well.

I also find that I prefer certain colors for my wardrobe but other colors for my home décor.

What Do Your Fave Colors Say About You?

Below is a basic guide as to what your favorite color reveals about you.

White: White is a symbol of youth, innocence and purity.

It can symbolize a desire for a simple life, as well as freshness and youthful vitality.

People who wear a lot of white often have a desire for perfection and high ideals.

Black: Black unlike what many people think does not necessarily mean negative and dark.

Instead it leans more towards mystery and dignity. Someone who surrounds him or herself with a lot of black may have hidden desires, depths and feelings.

Black can be impressive without being showy and add a little mystery to anyone’s life.

Gray: Those who wear or surround themselves with the color gray often work hard for little reward.

They like life to be evenly balanced and often have good business sense although they tend to be workaholics.

Those who like gray like a peaceful and balanced life and will tend to act with caution.

Red: Red is often the color of people who are outgoing, impulsive, strong and ambitious.

It is the color of optimism and vitality. Those who surround themselves with the color red can get bored easily and find it hard to be objective.

However red can also be nurturing and warm and provide a real zest for life.

Pink: Pink symbolizes love and affection and tends to attract a gentler crowd than the vitality of red.

Those who love pinks often like to give and receive affection. They want to feel loved and secure and tend to be quite maternal.

Orange: Orange people tend to be very likeable, good natured and fun.

This is the color of luxury, fearlessness, youth and curiosity. Although they can be quite dramatic at times, they are usually well liked.

Yellow: Ah yellow, such a happy color. True to form, those who are drawn to yellow tend to be adventurous and have great imaginations.

Those who like yellow tend to have happy dispositions and be very mentally sharp and active.

They are not always big on responsibility and value freedom and big ideals.

Green: Green is the color of balance and harmony. Those who like green are usually sociable, sincere and open-minded.

However they prefer peace at all cost and have the patience to attain it.

Blue: Blue people tend to be very patient, caring and compassionate.

Although they are faithful and loyal they can also be prone to worry and caution. They have a steady character and self-controlled nature.

They are usually well liked but need to remember not to get too caught up in introspection and duty.

Purple: Purple is the color of healing. Those drawn to purple tend to have a very healing nature and are sensitive and artistic.

You might be or at least feel misunderstood and have a desire to be unique. A purple person can often achieve great success and reach positions of authority.

Brown: Those attracted to browns tend to be patient and conservative.

They tend to like responsibility and are solid and dependable people. They are very reliable and easily liked but they have to be careful not to be too inflexible.

Changing Colors

The colors you are attracted to can change just as we can change. They can in fact change from day to day depending on your mood and what is going on in your life.

You may also find that you decorate your home with certain colors but sometimes feel the need to wear totally different colors.

It is important to include all colors in your life in one way or another. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding some colorful socks to your wardrobe or a different colored bag or purse.

Each color has some great properties and can be beneficial to your life. Take note of the colors you surround yourself. Are there any that are noticeably missing?

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