What to Ask a Psychic

Online psychic readings are extremely popular but it can sometimes be a bit confusing to know what to ask a psychic.

The lucky ones have one specific question they really want answered but for many of us it is not quite so simple and our questions may be long and deep.

Speaking as someone who has used several different phone psychics as well as had psychic readings in person I have learned a couple of things…

When you ask a psychic for answers follow these three tips:

  1. First keep it vague. Know the general topic area such as love, money, purpose, career, family, etc. but keep your questions fairly general such as you want information about your love life or your money situation. Let the psychic guide the consultation initially and see what comes up. Often they will see things that we may not have been thinking about and it is interesting to see where they will take you.
  2. After hearing what your psychic has to say in general you can then begin to narrow down your questions to get into the nitty gritty stuff. Do not be afraid to get very specific so that you get definite yes or no answers. There is no point in getting a psychic reading if you don’t get any problems solved or good insight.
  3. Third and most importantly, now that you have your yes or no answers, ask the question why? For example if you are not going to marry your boyfriend, why not? If you are told to change careers, why is that? Delve deeper to get some real insight into not only what your future holds, but why such events will take place.

If you can keep these three tips in mind you will likely be very satisfied with your psychic reading and learn a lot not only about your present and future but also about what is right for you and why.

These insights may not erase negative situations but they will give you more understanding into yourself and why things happen in your life the way they do. That in itself is worth at least taking advantage of one of the great introductory offers for new customers at a good psychic network such as Psychic Source.

Stay focused, have your questions written out and narrowed down so that time does not get wasted. Allow the psychic a certain amount of freedom to guide the reading to see where it goes then get specific and find out exactly what you need to know.

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