What Kind of Psychic Are You?

Do you possess any psychic skills? Working with energy and psychic abilities are not always discussed or encouraged within our families, friends, or society.

Many psychics do not even realize that they have psychic powers.

There are many different types of psychic abilities and being aware of what they are and how they work will help you to determine if you are psychic, what type of psychic you are and how to develop your powers to their full potential.

6 Popular Psychic Abilities

1. Clairvoyance – This is one of the most well known types of psychic abilities and one of the most widely accepted. Those who have clairvoyance are able to see visions in their dreams, or in their minds eye.

This may happen in different ways such as flashes of images, symbols in your daily life, vivid dreams that come true, etc.

Some people who are clairvoyant can go many years before realizing that what they are seeing is real. Often it will take a foreseeing of a major event to make them realize that they are clairvoyant.

If you feel you might possess this ability start taking note of your dreams and the images you see in your mind. They are often accompanied by a feeling that what you are seeing is real and not imaginary.

2. Clairaudience – Those who have the ability of clairaudience are able to hear messages as opposed to seeing them. These types of psychics hear signals through sound (inside their head). This can be in the format of getting messages from spirits or hearing music that others can not.

It can be confusing at first if you start receiving sound messages. It is recommended to keep a journal so you can look back at what you hear to try and make sense of it.

3. Mediumship – Mediums are less common and are people who are able to contact those who have passed away or others in the spirit world. This is a very advanced type of psychic ability and the levels of mediumship can vary.

For example some Mediums are able to contact people who have just very recently passed on while others are able to access different dimensions and spirits of a higher level.

4. Clairsentience – I think a lot of people have the ability of clairsentience but don’t realize it. Clairsentience is when you have a very clear feeling about something. Similar to intuition clairsentience is often described as a gut feeling, goosebumps in certain situations, or the ability to feel the energy or aura of another person.

It is totally about feeling and trusting your feelings. We are often taught to ignore these strong messages but they are there for a reason and someone who is a good Clairsentience has learned to listen to those feelings and trust them.

5. Telekinesis – This is the power to move or influence objects. Very few actually possess this ability and it is very powerful. Once again not everyone will be at the same level of telekinesis and the size of the object may directly influence the person’s ability to influence it.

Telekinesis can be practiced by anyone. It is all about learning to work with energy, after all everything is made up of energy… even the chair you are sitting on. Start with a very small object such as the leaf of a plant and focus all your energy on it to try and make it move. You might be amazed at what you are able to do!

6. Telepathy – This is the ability to read others thoughts. This is another psychic power that often goes undetected in many people. You may think you know what another person is thinking but probably question yourself.

You can practice telepathy with a friend or family member and try and hone your skills. It works most often with those we feel a strong connection with. Telepathy is also used to communicate with animals.

Tapping into your Psychic Abilities

Growing your psychic skills takes time and patience. Even the most gifted of psychics work at developing their skills further. Knowing what kind of psychic you are will help you to focus on one area.

It is said that many children possess strong psychic abilities but forget how to use them as they grow older. You may have memories as a child of experimenting with your psychic powers but aren’t sure if those memories are real. This is quite common.

The six psychic abilities listed above are the most popular but there are many other types as well. See our full list of psychic abilities for more information on each.


  1. I’m not psychic but I get psychic readings regularly.
    I recommend Justin Terry. Even though he is young he is an amazing psychic medium. I have had phone readings by him and I swear by him. He is an angel that has proven there is an afterlife and has connected me with loved ones in spirt and answers any questions I have about anything.

  2. audrey huck says:

    I’m not sure what kind of psyhic I am…. I can see the spirits without having my eyes closed and I can hear them but what kind of psychic am I ? Please help me!

  3. James Lucky says:

    some one tell me what i am i can see energy pulsating off all objects people or objects also i have trouble sleeping and have full colored dreams and if i dont have full colored dreams i dont dream at all also i hear voices some times and some times see crazy things out of the corner of my eyes.