What is Psychic Energy?

Lots of people have different ideas as to exactly what psychic energy is. Many people automatically think of psychic energy as mysterious and supernatural.

Although it is an interesting topic, there is nothing weird or spooky about psychic energy and it is not reserved for only a select few as some may think.

Description of Psychic Energy

Wikipedia describes psychic energy as…

“the concept of a principle of activity powering the operation of the mind, soul or psyche.”

The laws of physics tell us that all solid objects are actually a manifestation of vibrating energy. If you can wrap your head around that idea then it will be a little easier to understand psychic energy.

Energy of any type is like a boomerang. Like attracts like and the energy you give out will return right back to you. Those who are good at using psychic energy have developed the ability to use their personal energy centers (chakras) as tools to manifest what they want in this world.

Your Thoughts Create your Reality

It has become well known that our thoughts create your reality. We hear over and over that what we believe we shall create. Some people are able to work with their energy in a way that they are able to create their thoughts very quickly. This is a type of psychic energy.

Using your energy to create and to heal is using psychic energy. This energy manifests your experiences in this world and some are better at using it than others.

Those who are considered clairvoyant are people who have a very strong and powerful psychic energy as they are able to use their energy to see into the past as well as to look into the future. The ability to do this is simply a shift in consciousness that some are able to achieve and this is also considered psychic energy.

How to Develop your Own Psychic Energy

We all have psychic energy to one degree or another and it is very possible to help it grow. As with your body and your mind, your psyche also needs to be nourished and used in order to develop.

Nourishing your psychic energy can be as simple as connecting with other living things. Connecting with a tree, a flower or a river can greatly boost your psychic energy. Feeling the energy of others, and of all living things is a really good step in connecting with your own energy.

Keeping Your Body Strong, Healthy and Hydrated

It might seem odd to some but keeping your body healthy and hydrated is extremely important for your psychic energy. It is important to keep the energy within your body moving freely. When there are blockages things go wrong and it is the same with your energy flow.

Something as simple as keeping our bodies hydrated can help to keep the energy within you flowing freely. Water is a major factor in releasing tension, clearing out toxins and keeping your body alive and your mind clear. Many people do not realize that this is all connected to your psychic energy.

It has been said many times before and it is really a fairly basic concept…

Growing your psychic energy is truly a matter of tuning within.

Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions and your own energy flow. Then you can start to control what energy you put out as well as what energy you will receive. Learning to work with your own energy can be a very powerful and uplifting experience. It allows you to be in control of your life, your daily encounters as well as what you create for your future. Psychic energy is powerful and very real. Everyone can learn to work with it and grow it to unlimited strengths.

Using some Outside Help

You don’t have to use any outside help to develop your psychic energy but of course it is much easier if you do. Learning to develop your inner wisdom and psychic centers can take a lifetime of work. There are a couple of things you can do to move the process along a little quicker.

  1. First try out our free psychic test. This is a fun way to see how developed your psychic powers are.
  2. Second read our post on brainwave entrainment and learn how it can quickly boost your psychic abilities by tuning your brainwaves to the right frequency for ESP, telepathy or any number of altered mind states.