Various 2012 Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions – a topic I love. It doesn’t matter if they don’t all come true. The fact that even a few become reality is enough to keep me hooked and watching.

I am always curious as to what some of the famous psychic personalities are predicting for the coming years.

We are half way through 2012 now so let’s see if any of these notorious psychics know their stuff.

2012 Psychic Predictions

There are lots of predictions out there so for the sake of keeping this post readable we are going to focus on three main psychics today:

  1. Lebanese psychic Michel Hayek
  2. Sidney “SidneySeer” Friedman
  3. Nikki – Psychic to the Stars

Michel Hayek 2012 Predictions

Lebanese psychic Michel Hayek says he discovered his psychic abilities when he was very young, and his predictions go as far back as 1985 when he predicted the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy.

Other successful predictions included the Rachid Karameh’s assassination, Lady Diana’s death in 1996, and the 1999 earthquake in Turkey.

  • An international conspiracy against the dollar
  • Gold disappoints
  • The Israeli-Lebanese border dispute continues
  • Some areas of land disappear
  • A heavenly body seen from the earth
  • New spacial truths
  • Pope visit to the Islamic states
  • A nuclear project in the Middle East
  • Al-Qaeda is active without bin Laden
  • The strongest sandstorm in the history of the Arab world
  • Tourism in Egypt again
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) hide internal problems
  • Some politicians take refuge in the UAE
  • The Prince of Qatar affected by a hazard suffered by the Prime Minister of the country
  • Several earthquakes in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan
  • The truth behind the death of Amy Winehouse
  • David Letterman is in danger

Sidney Friedman’s 2012 Predictions

Sidney “SidneySeer” Friedman claims a documented predictions accuracy of 71%, and a near 100% success rate with his Oscar predictions, missing only twice.

All the major television networks as well as hundreds of radio programs have covered his predictions.

  • Mitt Romney eventually will emerge as the Republican candidate for president
  • President Obama will be re-elected. Mitt Romney will not win his home state of Massachusetts
  • Jennifer Aniston will get engaged in 2012 or early 2013
  • Oprah Winfrey’s return to TV with her new show on her OWN network does not boost the network’s ratings with any significance
  • In North Korea, new leader Kim Jong-un by year’s end or early 2013 will be seen enacting several key reforms for his country and also engaging in some talks with outside countries
  • Upsetting earthquake activity on the U.S. West Coast (most likely northern). Also, volcanic activity becomes prominent in Iceland again
  • The doctor’s bag and bowling bag as handbags become “in” accessories for women
  • In music, former Idol star Ruben Studdard will make a comeback with his most successful album and single to date
  • George Clooney will become a father!
  • Woody Allen wins an Oscar with Best Original Screenplay for Midnight in Paris. Octavia Spencer wins the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Help
  • An unusual bug is found in Brooklyn
  • With bumps along the way and reactive drops relating to European economic news, overall the stock market will climb
  • The Occupy movement will continue, not so much in occupying parks, but in demonstrating at political rallies and conventions, AND most significantly, in Washington D.C. in front of the Capitol building and perhaps even the White House. Also, one or two spokespeople will emerge from that movement onto the media spotlight
  • Contrary to numerous statements by interpreters of the Mayan calendar and such, the world will NOT end in 2012
  • And, hmm, the CUBS. Yes, year after year, I always predict they’ll be in the World Series. So yes, this year they will finally make it. …And I predict I’ll be wrong again.

Nikki’s 2012 Predictions

In 2011, Nikki — “Psychic to the Stars” — says she predicted the Japan earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Wall Street protests in New York City, the devastating Joplin, Missouri tornadoes, the deaths of Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse, and the trouble in Syria.

  • Earthquake in Mexico City destroying most of the city
  • Major breakthrough in the cure for breast cancer
  • Giant earthquake in California
  • Animals and birds, wild and domestic, will attack people leading up to the end of 2012
  • Weird weather conditions worldwide including snow in Hawaii, Las Vegas and in the Caribbean
  • Major earthquakes in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska.
    Giant prehistoric Sea Monsters under the sea
  • Major UFO sightings all over the world. A possible landing of a space ship
  • A Stock Market crash like 1929 worldwide
  • North Korea attacks South Korea and Japan
  • An attack on the Vatican and the Pope
  • Earth will fall off its axis a little more
  • The Holy Grail will be found
  • A plane crashes into the White House in Washington, DC
  • A man attempts to go around the world in a hot air balloon
  • The map of the world will change because of catastrophic events happening in the world
  • Ellen DeGeneres joining the army for one week
  • Sylvester Stallone nominated for a Tony Award
  • Madonna will break a leg
  • National Hockey League for women

So what do you think? I found some of these to be kind of wishy-washy while others seemed viable. How does Jennifer Anniston manage to be in the predictions each year… too funny!

More predictions to come from other world-renowned psychics.

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