How to Unlock your Third Eye

Your third eye is known to contain a large amount of inner vision. Unlocking the third eye gives access to psychic energy that you may not have even known you possess.

The third eye is the sixth chakra which is the sixth major energy center on your body. It is located in the middle of your forehead and is literally the center of psychic powers and intuition.

Those who are able to tap into their psychic powers and who possess different types of psychic abilities are known to have a very open third eye.

For the majority of us our third eye remains at least partially closed. Some might be more blocked than others. However there are a few techniques that have been very successful in unlocking the third eye and allowing people to tap into their intuition and higher consciousness.

Below are 4 great techniques to work with your third eye. It is very likely that one method will appeal to you more than the other so just choose your favourite, have fun and go with it.


– This one is my personal favourites because I am a fan of chanting. Chanting as a form of meditation and healing is something my boyfriend and I have recently gotten into together. I have always liked it but as of late have really started to incorporate it into my life.

Chanting can open your chakras and create great energy and healing. It is often used as a way to reach deep meditation and is known to activate the third eye. You can buy a chanting CD and follow along or just try improvising on your own.

The trick is to sit in a quiet space where you feel comfortable and chant the sound “AUM”. This is the sound that directly stimulates the third eye and helps it to open. When you chant this sound put the emphasis on the first part of the word. For example OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM.

If you can do this for at least ten minutes daily while focusing on the sound going to your third eye you will begin to notice a change in your energy, your intuition and your psychic awareness.


– The breathing method seems very simple yet is actually quite powerful. It involves breathing through your nostrils separately while sending the breathe to your third eye. Follow the steps below:

  • Close your right nostril and take a long breath through the left nostril.
  • Imagine the air from your breath traveling to the center of your forehead to your third eye.
  • Next close your left nostril and at the same time slowly exhale through your right nostril.
  • Imagine the same air traveling back from your forehead and out of your nostril.
  • Keep your left nostril closed and inhale again through your right nostril.
  • Then close your right nostril and exhale out of the left one while repeating the visualization.

You can repeat this exercise ten times in a session and do it daily. It is powerful and easy to do yet can make some people feel light headed if they overdo it. So keep your repetitions to 10 when you are first beginning until your build up your air and your energy.


– Many people try to use meditation as a method for opening their third eye. Although this is a great method and is known to work, I have personally found it most effective when combined with one of the other methods listed here.

That may be because my meditation practice isn’t strong enough yet and you may have different results. If you are able to practice daily and visualize your third eye opening there is a good possibility this will work.

Binaural Beats

– Binaural beats are a type of brainwave entrainment that works directly with your brainwave frequencies. They are used by people all over the world in order to achieve deep meditation as well as for many different healing properties.

It is possible to get a specific recording that deals directly with opening your major chakras. It does this by tuning into the exact frequency of your chakras. For more information on how this works see our article titled Unexplainable Store binaural beats.  This is a proven method that I personally love and is easy for any person to use.

Opening your third eye is not easy and takes a bit of practice. By using one or more of these methods it will greatly increase your chances of unlocking your third eye and consequently allowing you to tap into your psychic awareness and energy.


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