Types of Paranormal Phenomena

Not everyone believes in paranormal phenomena and many who do believe will not talk about it. It has been my experience that if I bring up my own paranormal experiences in conversation people are interested but a little hesitant to talk about it themselves until they feel very comfortable with me.

When they do feel comfortable however, I would say that 75% of people I talk to have had some type of paranormal activity within their lives. It actually shocks me how many people that I would never have guessed have had ghostly encounters.

Paranormal phenomena can be confusing and a bit bewildering. It is important to learn about the 2 main types of paranormal activity so you can understand better what it is you are experiencing.

2 Common Types of Paranormal Phenomena

1. Hauntings – Hauntings have been well documented in history and they are a common type of paranormal activity reported by many people. There are several reasons a haunting might occur such as:

  • The spirit can not cross over for a number of reasons and is left in between this world and the afterlife. When this happens they often cling to a certain place because that is where they lived or have a strong connection to.
  • In some instances there have been documented cases of haunted objects. Haunted objects can occur if a spirit had a very strong connection to a specific object while they were alive and they could not let it go even after death. There have even been cases where people have bought an object from a pawn shop or a garage sale only to find that the object is haunted.
  • Demonic possession is a particularly scary type of haunting that is less common but very much used in movies and in books. It is believed that some people have the ability to essentially open the door to the other world. Often without knowing it their energy may invite demonic spirits to enter our world and take possession of a place or of a person. This can be a negative and scary experience until the person learns how to ‘close the door’ to the other side and put up blocks so the demonic spirits can not enter through them. With proper boundaries and energy blocks these types of hauntings can be stopped quite easily and quickly.

2. Poltergeist Activity – Poltergeist activity is more common than many think and is quite different from the other types of haunting. For one thing it rarely involves spirits.

Instead it involves psychokinetic energy that is often created from stressful events. Stressful energy in a home can cause some very weird psychokinetic energy to manifest. Often this is instigated by negative energy, conflicts within the home and even from the energy of teenagers going through puberty or women going through menopause.

The stressful energy will create psychokinetic energy and you will find objects that might suddenly fly through the air or loud noises that are not accounted for.

We are all made up of energy and when that energy becomes unbalanced and volatile it can create some pretty intense circumstances.

Creating Boundaries

Paranormal activity is not always scary. There are many people who report sightings of ghosts that are very non-threatening and reports of calmly speaking with spirits. It is difficult to understand why these spirits are here with us and why some people are able to see them while others are not.

In order to embrace the friendly spirits and keep the negative ones out it is important to put an energy shield of protection around yourself and to set your boundaries. Just like setting boundaries in the physical world you are able to create your boundaries for the spiritual world as well.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence most of us cannot deny the paranormal phenomena that we have experienced. The fascination with the unknown is enough to keep people searching for answers and documenting case history after case history.

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