Top 5 Psychic Myths

Psychic abilities are looked at as a kind of supernatural power that are only possessed by a few lucky or unlucky (depending how you view it) people.

There are a few big myths associated with psychic powers that are worth exploring and understanding.  Below are the 5 biggest psychic myths that I have come across.

5 Psychic Myths

1. Only a select few have psychic abilities – The fact that most of us have not experienced psychic powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy or mediumship does not mean that we do not have the ability to.

For some reason certain people have an easier time tapping into their psychic powers than others. However it is fairly common for regular people to develop one or more psychic abilities at different points in their lifetime. Just because you do not feel you have access to your psychic powers today does not mean you will never experience them.

2. All those who possess psychic abilities are at the same level – This myth assumes that all those who are able to tap into their psychic powers are at the same level in their psychic development.

Each person has a different degree of psychic awareness. Their abilities change over time and grow. Some people are far more advanced than others. Many of us will gain access to our psychic abilities at a slower rate. Some others still have yet to discover their psychic powers. Everyone grows at different rates and on different levels.

3. Pyschic powers are evil – The belief in psychic powers has gone through many different stages in history. Once psychic abilities were revered and widely accepted then later went through a period of being feared and seen as evil.

Today the world is changing quickly and more and more people are opening to a new reality and a new consciousness. Although psychic awareness is rampant and accepted by many there are still those who fear psychic powers and think they originate from evil origins as well as are used for negativity.

In order to dispel this myth it is important to read and educate others about psychic abilities. The truth is that psychic powers are a part of all of us and it is nothing to be feared. Having psychic abilities simply means that you have reached a higher level of consciousness.

4. You have to be born with psychic abilities in order to have them – It is my belief that every person is born with psychic abilities. Just because you do not know it does not mean that you do not have them. Psychic abilities can be developed greatly over the course of a lifetime.

One person may be born with a higher level of access to their psychic powers. However that does not mean that a person with little obvious psychic awareness can not hone their psychic skills and abilities throughout life.

5. All psychic abilities are the same – This could not be less true. There is a huge range of psychic abilities that have been documented over time. Psychic powers can range from mind reading, to communicating with the dead, to foreseeing the future to communicating with spirits and angels and a whole lot more. There are many different types of psychic abilities and skills possessed by people from all over the world.

Understanding these myths and knowing more about psychic powers will help your own psychic awareness to grow and develop. Each person is a psychic waiting to be discovered at the right time. If you can embrace your gifts and work to develop them you will find your consciousness growing by leaps and bounds.

For more information on the different types of psychic powers see our comprehensive list of psychic abilities.


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