Opening your Mind to the Other Side

The mysterious “other side” is a common topic of interest. It can mean a lot of different things but in general to open your mind to the other side is simply being open to other realities beyond your conscious physical state.

Those who have passed away are sometimes said to go to the other side. Mediums often refer to the other side in psychic readings where they connect with angels, guides and other beings.

It is an area unknown to many of us but not inaccessible. To open your mind to the other side means connecting with something far greater that what you see in front of you. If you are open to a different level of being and understanding then it can be a wonderful journey of discovery.

Exploring the Other Side

If the other side refers to a life beyond our physical reality then it makes sense why people refer to it as an after life.

The renowned psychologist Carl Jung was quoted as saying: “What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it.”

I have always loved that quote, it holds so much possibility and joy. Although much of Jung’s proposals were based on the study of dreams he maintained that a belief in the afterlife was a big factor in helping people live a happy and balanced life.

For those who believe that death is the final chapter then it can seem like a catastrophic event to be greatly feared. For those however who believe in life after death it can be seen as a joyful journey to the other side.

Whatever your belief it can be a confusing subject at the best of times and unless you have had a direct “out of this world” experience you may always have a shadow of doubt as to what the other side holds for you.

Proof of Life After Death

Many psychic mediums are able to offer a shred of proof of life after death. They are sometimes able to connect you with people who have passed on, spirits, angels and guides.

Their extra sensory perception for whatever reason allows them to connect with energies that many of us cannot access alone. There have been so many accounts of people who have sudden out-of-body experiences, near death experiences or accurate psychic help.

The accounts of the other side have been documented over and over again to where it can leave little doubt that a world does exist beyond our physical reality.

By exploring these phenomena and by utilizing the gifts of talented and true psychics, you are able to catch a glimpse into what the spirit world is all about.

With an open mind you are able to explore alternate realities, loving energies and all the mystery the other side offers.

Unless you possess powerful and natural psychic abilities, the best way I know of to connect with the other side is either through meditation or through a psychic medium.

These two methods can help to open your mind, connect you with your angels and guides and give you insight into your current life and a life beyond this world.

The attraction to the other side is nothing new and it is lovely to think of a glorious world beyond our imaginations.

There is no doubt that simply opening your mind to new possibilities can create a very positive and worthy journey of discovery.

For a little help and a gentle push in the right direction see our list of recommended psychic advisors and open your mind to the energies that surround you.