Psychic Test Online

More and more people are becoming aware of their psychic powers. We all have them; some are just more developed than others.

You may have experienced really strong intuition… knowing something was going to happen right before it does. Or perhaps you were thinking of someone and they called five minutes later.

Tapping into this energy is powerful and it can be nurtured to grow stronger and clearer. There are many psychic tests online that are helpful in exploring your psychci abilities from the popular Zener Cards to new tests that are being developed all the time.

What is the Zener Cards Test?

The Zener cards test was designed by Dr. J.B. Rhine. Dr. Zener was actually a psychologist who would conduct statistical experimental tests in extra sensory perception.

The cards have symbols or pictures on them. They would be shuffled and then one card would be held up backwards and the subject was asked to guess and identify the symbol or picture on the back of the card. An online version was later developed and became very popular. Try the Zener Cards Test yourself.

Test your Own Psychic Abilities

One of the easiest ways to practice your psychic abilities however is to make it habitual in your everyday life. Use a simple deck of playing cards. Try to guess what card is going to come up before you turn it over.

Sit, meditate, deep breathe and tune into your own energy. Then put it to use. Get a friend to think of a number and have you guess it. Simple little games like these can really help to build up your intuition and your trust in yourself. It does not have to be complicated; it is simply a matter of tuning in and building your own intuition.

Psychic tests online can be fun to practice, though don’t be disappointed if they say you have no psychic ability at the moment. Rest assured we all have the capability. Like everything else in life, it must be practiced and used in order to enhance it. Keep at it and you will find your psychic energy and intuition will grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Great Ways to Enhance your Psychic Abiities…

There is a great website called The Unexplainable Store. It provides brainwave audios of binaural beats that are can be used to enhance your psychic abilities. They are extremely beneficial for tuning the brain to the exact frequency for esp, telepathy, past life regression, lucid dreams and many other things.

Learn more about how binaural beats work and how they can help you to easily reach altered states of consciousness.