How to Use a Psychic Shield for Psychic Protection

If you are experimenting with psychic energy or have experienced psychic phenomenon then you are going to need to have a psychic shield.

A psychic shield is an essential tool for protecting you from:

  • Entities or spirits that are attached to you
  • Energy sucking and negative thought forms of a psychic vampire (person who uses their energy to bring yours down)

Once you incorporate some type of psychic protection into your life using it will become habitual and simply part of your daily routine. There are lots of different ways to use a psychic shield and you will likely find an abundance of information on them.

Keep in mind that a psychic shield does not need to be a material object. The best and most effective psychic shield is one that you visualize yourself and use with your own thoughts and feelings.

Below you find the steps to creating a proper and effective psychic shield and how to use it.

Step 1: Do a Cleansing Ritual

There are many different types of cleansing rituals and if you have one that you like best then use that. I personally like to do smudging which is a traditional Indian cleansing ceremony. I do a quick smudging to clear my energy and say a little prayer for the good I want in my life.

Many people like to do dowsing which is another great way of clearing your energy. Or you can also do a simple ‘sweep’ of your energy field with your hands or with an object like a feather and ask that all negative energy be removed from your aura and from your surroundings.

The point is they are all just as effective. It is the intent that you put into it that gives it power. Some people like to do this cleansing daily. I personally like to do it maybe once a week. Others may only feel the need once a year. It is a personal choice and you will know what feels right for you.

Step 2: Creating your Psychic Shield

To create your own personal psychic shield you are going to use visualization. Remember that your thoughts create your reality and they are extremely powerful. Visualization with good thoughts can literally create a protective shield around you that is more powerful than any physical or material shield.

When building your psychic shield you want to consider these questions:

  • What shape will it be?
  • What is it made of – what material is it?
  • What color is it?
  • What is its general appearance?

Once you have a clear picture of your psychic shield, sit quietly on your own and visualize the shield surrounding not only your physical body but your whole energy field. Take the time you need to visualize it so that it is strong, solid and real.

Each persons psychic shield can be different. My own personal psychic shield happens to be a simple white glowing light of protection. I have used it for 14 years and it has served me well. I especially use it if I feel I need protection from any form of energy, from accidents or from negativity. I put a solid psychic shield around myself anytime I go on a trip and often if I am feeling insecure. It gives me a boost and I know without a doubt that it is strong and doing its job well.

Once you are experienced with using your psychic shield on yourself it is also okay to use it with other people. For example I will often place a white light circle of protection around my loved ones, around perfect strangers or around any person or animal that I feel needs it.

Step 3: Using your Psychic Shield

Some believe that once you have placed a psychic shield around yourself you don’t ever have to do it again. If that works for you then that is great. It will be different for everyone. I personally think of my shield often and it has become so habitual for me to use it that it is simply a part of my daily life. Find what works for you and become solid in your visualization and your belief in psychic energy.

You can be sure that your psychic shield will protect you from any and all negative energy. It is an essential part of working and using energy and will keep your own personal energy strong, positive and clear.

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