Fun Psychic Predictions for 2011

I love psychic predictions. Sometimes they come true and sometimes they do not but there is no denying they are fun to read it is interesting to speculate on the events of the years to come.

At the beginning of this year a popular radio station out of Los Angeles, K-Earth 101 did a program on their morning show that listed the psychic predictions of Nikki, a Toronto based psychic.

Nikki’s predictions were listed online on the K-Earth 101 website by Britt Bickel, the morning show editor.

I thought Nikki’s predictions were quite interesting and overall a lot of fun. Considering that she had predicted the Tiger Woods scandal and the Chilean mine disaster, I thought her predictions were worth taking note.

We are half way through 2011 now. Have any of her predictions come true yet?

Below are Nikki’s psychic predictions for 2011:
  • George Clooney will get married. – Hmmm, we’ll see.
  • The Playboy Mansion will burn down. –The fire will start at a party and be an accident.
  • A gold rush will occur in Hawaii. – Gold mining companies are going to go big on this one and people will move there to try and cash in on the craze.
  • Michelle Obama will have another baby. – It may be a set of twins!
  • Sarah Palin will get divorced. – Apparently this could get a little messy.
  • A giant spider nest and spiders will be found in South America. – Perhaps because of global warning.
  • The first brain transplant will take place. – This will likely take place in the United States or in Britain. Interestingly Nikki previously predicted the fist face transplant.
  • There will be a huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia. This will come from stem cell research.
  • A horseshoe-shaped UFO will be spotted over Roswell, New Mexico. There will be more UFO sightings, and possibly news on the alien life front.
  • There will be a big scandal involving a Washington politician.
  • Warran Beatty and Annette Bening will split up. Nikki says they have outgrown each other and their separation will be because of a combination of a lot of things.
  • A Hollywood starlet will give birth to a dwarf. She says she sees the cover of People for this one.
  • Lady Gaga will try out acting. Possibly on Broadway with both dramatic and comedic roles.
  • Natalie Portman will win an Oscar for Black Swan. This one of course has already come true.
  • A 500-pound salmon will be discovered in British Columbia.
  • Hilary Clinton will win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • A bionic eye will be invented by a French scientist.
  • A massive computer virus will take out large swathes of communication for a 48 hour period, which could affect air travel. Ugh.
  • Jessica Simpson will marry and have a baby.

So what do you think? Some of them sound plausible while others will actually shock me if they come true. We will have to check back at the end of the year to see which of Nikki’s predictions are accurate.

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If there is one thing I have learned from psychic predictions it is that if you get someone good who is truly gifted, not all predictions will come true but some definitely will… and it is always interesting.