Psychic Mantra Prayer of Protection

When working with psychic energy it is important to always protect yourself. Thoughts, vibrations and psychic energy have the capability of positively influencing your life as well as negatively influencing your life. You want to make sure you take in the positive and leave all the negative behind.

Below is a mantra prayer of protection that was given to me several years ago and I have always loved. I say this prayer almost daily when I do my meditation. It is particularly useful for those who work with energy on a regular basis and will not only protect you but help you to connect within.

Normally I would give credit where credit is due but unfortunately this prayer was given to me as a photocopy and I don’t know where it originally came from or who wrote it.

However it is one of the most complete and powerful prayers for psychic protection that I have come across and would like to share it with all of you.

Feel free to adapt this prayer to whatever feels right for you and to use this prayer whenever you feel you need it… before a session with a phone psychic as well as before working with the energy of others.

Psychic Prayer of Protection

Father – Mother God,
I ask that I be cleared and cleansed
Within the universal
White Christ light,
The green healing light
And the purple transmuting flame.

Within God’s will
And for my highest good
I ask that any and all negativity
And/or evil

Be completely sealed
In its own light,
Encapsulated within
The ultra-violet light,
Cut off and removed from me.

With neither love nor hate,
I return all negativity
And/or evil
To its source of emanation,
Decreeing that it never again
Be allowed to re-establish itself
Within me or anyone else
In any form.

I now ask that I be placed
Within a triple capsule
Of the universal
White Christ light of protection,
And for this blessing, I give thanks.

When I say this prayer I feel peaceful, calm and very protected. You do not have to repeat it word for word if there are any parts that do not resonate with you. You can adapt it however you like in order to create a version that works for you. Your version will be no less powerful than this version as it is the intent behind the prayer that is most important.

Keeping yourself protected will help to create a positive and loving energy around you that in turn will create a positive and loving life. Any person who works or deals with psychic energy, be it their own or someone else’s would be wise to incorporate a psychic mantra prayer of protection as part of their daily routine.


  1. Richel Gadaingan says:

    thank you so much for this prayer protection you shared to us for free…. NAMASTE <3

  2. Judy Cartier says:

    I came across this prayer at a time when it really ministered to me. Thank you for sharing it and for sharing your gifts with others.
    Many blessings!