How to Cut your Psychic Energy Cord

There are lots of things in this world that we know are there but we can not see. For example we know there is air to breathe but we can’t see it. We can feel the wind on our face but we can’t see it.

The same goes for energy. We know energy exists but we can not see all types of energy.

There is an invisible cord of energy that attaches you to each person you are connected to in your life.

This cord is often called a psychic energy cord. It binds you to that person and connects you to their energy and vice versa.

This can be a good thing but it can also be harmful to you especially if your are connected to a person you no longer want in your life.

The Effects of a Psychic Energy Cord

Having a psychic energy cord connecting you to another person can make you feel very attached to that person. Very often when a person ends a relationship it can be quite difficult to literally cut that person out of your life because the psychic energy cord still exists.

The cord will pull you back and drain your energy. If that person should come to you when you are feeling week and confused it will be very difficult to resist them.

If the person you want to cut from your life is very negative or a psychic vampire (which basically means that they suck your energy from you), this will be extremely draining on your own energy and can really impact your health negatively.

It is important to cut the psychic energy cord so that you can completely disconnect and move on with your life in a positive way.

Steps for Cutting the Cord

Since you are dealing with psychic energy you will need to use energy in order effectively to cut the cord. The technique below is known to be very successful.

Step 1 – When you are able to get some privacy and some silence get comfortable in a chair or in your bed and close your eyes. Take some deep breathes.

Step 2 – Imagine a white light circle of protection around you that keeps only positive energy within your circle of light and around your body.

Step 3 – See in your mind the psychic energy cord that connects you to the person you want to disconnect from. Give it a colour, a shape, and a feel.

Step 4 – Imagine a pair of scissors (I always see giant gold scissors but yours can look any way you like) and with those scissors see yourself cutting the cord so that you are no longer attached.

Step 5 – Imagine that the part of the cord still dangling from you is absorbed by the white light that surrounds your body. Tell yourself that your white light shield will protect you from forming a new psychic energy cord with that person.

Important Tips

The imaginary cutting of the psychic energy cord is very effective. It seems simple but working with energy can be very powerful.

It is important to note that when you cut the cord you may feel vulnerable as though something is now missing in your life. In essence it can leave a void which can make you feel quite emotional.

This is totally normal, just be careful not to invite the connection back because you want to fill that void. The universe works in interesting ways and when there is a void it will try and fill it for you.

* Be willing to embrace a change and fill it with a new positive connection that will boost your energy as opposed to drain it.

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