Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies

It is my belief that all energy comes from one source. Therefore there is no evil, only a duality of positive and negative that is needed for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Negative energies do exist and they can sometimes be hard to explain. However I have learned that when negative energies attach to our energy field they are serving us in some way – helping us to learn, evolve and grow.

It may be hard to reason that negative energy can actually help with your spiritual growth but this does seem to be the case.

So you might be wondering then why do you need to protect yourself from them? Protection is needed for two reasons…

  1. First, because when their purpose has been served they need to move on and it is important that we can remove them from our energy field so that we can positively continue to grow and heal.
  2. Second, because while you are healing and growing you may become vulnerable to opportunistic energies that quickly attach to your energy field and suck your energy and hinder your evolution.

Keep Negative Energy at Arms Length

The earth is full of duality and positive and negative energies are simply one more example of that. Our lives as human beings are about learning and growing. In order to do that, we must experience both the positive and the negative energy.

This does not mean that you need to embrace the negative energies with open arms. Negative energy will do you harm in some way until it is returned to its true source.

It had been my experience over the years that negative energy will feed on our own personal weaknesses – whether they are thoughts, feelings, actions, health problems, emotions).

They will typically magnify the areas where you need to grow the most. In this way they can be a tremendous help with your spiritual growth. However once you recognize that there is an issue, the negative energy needs to be removed so that you can fully grow and heal in a positive way.

Serving Its Purpose

The negative energy needs to have served its purpose before it can be removed. Therefore just because you no longer want it around does not mean that you will be able to remove it or have it removed by someone. Once its purpose is served, you will have permission to return it to its source.

If a negative energy is removed before the time is right, it will likely be replaced almost immediately with another negative energy.

How to Know When to Remove Negative Energies

There are a few ways you can do this. Which way works for you will depend on what type of person you are.

  • Some people are able to tune within and ‘feel’ what is true or false. This can be a body sensation, a sensed emotion or a simple feeling that the answer is yes or no.
  • Others are more physical and will have better success with muscle testing or a physical type response to get a true or false answer.
  • While others still are good at seeing and will be able to close their eyes, focus and see the answer in their head in one way or another.
  • If you do not feel that any of these methods will work for you at this point then you will need to seek out some help from a person who is able to work with you. A good option is to use a psychic advisor as they often use a combination of these methods to get their results.

Methods of Protection

When the negative energies are being removed it is important to protect yourself. There are many ways to do this – none are right or wrong. It will depend once again on what feels right for you.

From what I have learned it seems the best way to protect yourself is to focus on grounding and centering your energy then trying one of the below methods.

1. One of the easiest methods is to sit quietly with your feet firmly grounded to the floor. Close your eyes and focus on your own energetic field surrounding your entire body. Imagine your energy field becoming larger and larger and glowing brighter and brighter. Imagine a very strong shield that surrounds the outer barriers of your energy field. Give thanks for the protection of this shield against any interferences that do not serve your highest good.

2. A second method that is also very effective is to say a prayer or message out loud firmly and with focus. You can create your own message but the theme should be that you are giving thanks to the Universe or your own Spiritual Source of choice for your protection from energy that does not serve your highest good. Put some thought into what you want to say and then write it down. Ask that you be protected and healed and bathed in a protective light and always remember to give thanks for the help.

Serving your Highest Good

As frustrating as a negative energy may be, if it is serving your highest good then it is meant to be there and hopefully will be removed in due time.

By protecting yourself daily you will be able to possibly remove the energies that are no longer serving you and help protect yourself from picking up more.

Remember that you are a very powerful and creative being. That creativity can be put to great use if you can stay grounded and centered. Do not underestimate your own spiritual power.

In the meantime if you need a little help while you are practicing do not hesitate to seek an outside advisor… something I have personally done a lot throughout my lifetime of growth, learning and evolution.


  1. Love your article… very positive and helpful! I also use white light as a protective shield in the same ways that you describe. Regardless of the tools you use, the most important component is the love and belief you have in yourself.