More Sylvia Browne Predictions for 2010 and 2011

Sylvia Browne without question is one of the most fascinating psychics of our time. Each year she dishes out her latest predictions and although they sometimes seem far-fetched, they are also always interesting.

Thousands of people each year seek out her psychic predictions and they are taken in with great interest. I am not sure if anyone actually believes any persons predictions until they come true but it is always interesting to follow them… no matter which psychic they are from.

With that said, below are a few more Sylvia Browne psychic predictions for this year and for the years to come.

Sylvia Browne Psychic Predictions
  • “I predict a great rise in skin cancer in children until 2010. There is a lot of media coverage about the UV rays and many products to protect people against them. But people are still often careless when it comes to the sun. Then again, people could pay attention – and reverse this prediction right out from under me. I would certainly be all for that!”
  • “There will be a worldwide investigation into the Vice President’s death with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. A lot of attention will be paid to one of the investigative congressional committees and serious accusations will be made regarding missing funds. Finally, it will be revealed that their accusations are part of a conspiracy to damage the American people’s faith in their government, with the media manipulated to “fan the flames,” and the committee will be vindicated in the end.”
  • “I predict that a small cubicle will become available in doctor’s offices sometime in 2009 and it will be heated to a very precise temperature. There may be a special vapor placed into the cubicle. Patients will stand in the cubicle for approximately five minutes and the rhinitis germ will be destroyed.”
  • “Another wonderful bit of good news on the health front with this discovery – since this cubicle can easily take on the rhinitis germ, many people that have breathing problems with allergies and asthma complications will find some breakthroughs as well. We will see this cubicle discovery used for healing for those with breathing disorders. The cubicle will become available in 2009 or 2010.”
Get Your Own Personal Psychic Predictions

Although it is interesting to read psychic predictions for the world, it can be even more meaningful to get psychic predictions for your own life. Psychic predictions can be extremely useful in helping you to decide which directions to take in life and provide great guidance and insight.

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