Lucid Dreaming Techniques

What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is when you realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is when you are in a sleep state but you are conscious enough to be aware that you are dreaming and possibly are then able to control your dream.

Some of you may have experienced this before unintentionally. However, to be able to control when you lucid dream can be quite difficult.

There are techniques that can help with lucid dreaming and everyone is capable of achieving this fascinating state of conscious sleep if they want to.

Lucid Dreaming through Meditation

There are people who have achieved the ability to lucid dream through many hours of practicing meditation. Meditation is a very beneficial tool that can be of great help to control your state of consciousness. However to reach this state can take hours, days, months and even years of meditation practice and dedication.

If you have the time and the willingness to put in this kind of dedication then by all means go for it and reap the rewards. For everyone else I have another suggestion…

Lucid Dreaming through Binaural Beats

Have you ever tried using binaural beats? I tried them for the first time about a year ago. At that time I really did not know or understand what they were or how they worked.

They were recommended to me as a means of relaxing and putting the body into the parasympathetic state so that I could be calm, relaxed and sleep easy. Although at the time I did not quite understand the science behind binaural beats I did notice that they worked on me instantly. I was very impressed and continue to use them and benefit from them to this day.

I have since learned more about binaural beat technology and understand now that they can be used for achieving many different states of mind including lucid dreaming.

How do Binaural Beats Work?

Binaural beat recordings are when two different frequency waves are introduced independently to each ear. Your brain processes the frequencies and then it reacts by creating a third frequency which is the difference between the two. This third frequency causes a shift in consciousness.

Different combinations of binaural beats can produce different frequency levels and therefore produce different results.

Binaural Beats offer a Quick and Easy Solution to Lucid Dreaming

Your brain is receiving and operating on different frequencies constantly. You are in the Alpha State (Awake State) when you are relaxed or being creative. You are in the Theta State when you are dreaming. Then you are in the Delta State when you are in a deep sleep.

To be able to lucid dream you need to:

  • Go through the Delta and the Theta States but instead of waking up in the Alpha State you need to go back into the Theta State before waking. Then your conscious mind still thinks you are asleep but your subconscious mind is awake. Essentially you are tricking your subconscious mind into thinking that you are still asleep and once it realizes that you are still dreaming you will then have complete control over your dreams. It is fascinating stuff actually.

Binaural beats have been proven to work for lucid dreaming. They will raise your frequency until you are almost awake and then take you right back down again into the Theta State. It will basically guide your sleep frequencies.

Using these brainwave audios has been shown to work best if used early in the morning. Once you have just awoken from a deep sleep, plug into your binaural beats right then when you are still drowsy and they will guide you right into the lucid dreaming state.

Where to Find Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

I get my binaural beats from The Unexplainable Store. They have 28 different recordings that can be purchased in either MP3 or on CD and are extremely effective. Explore their brainwave audios and use them as a tool to help you to start lucid dreaming.

Get more information on how this technology works and how beneficial binaural beats are.