Kids With Psychic Abilities

For many parents who have children with special paranormal gifts, life can be confusing, scary and isolating. More and more children are being born with special psychic powers and it is important that their gifts are nurtured, understood and dealt with positively.

Terms used to describe Psychic Kids…

A few of the terms used to describe psychic kids today are:

  • Indigo Children
  • Star Children
  • Children of the Now

Most of us don’t know how or why these kids are psychic but we do know they need support as well as guidance. Often times as a parent of one of these gifted children it can be very hard to know where to turn. There are several excellent support groups online as well as numerous resources and educational centers where parents and children can connect with others who are dealing with the same types of issues. There is also a new program on television called Psychic Kids that helps children and families deal with the confusing and conflicting worlds they live in. It is very important for the parent of the psychic child to get the help and support they need in order to help the children deal with the issues they may encounter in today’s society.

What a Parent of a Psychic Child Needs to Know…

One thing that a parent of a psychic child should know is that they are not alone. In fact the number of children displaying psychic gifts is massive and it is becoming more and more talked about and understood. We are living in a very different world today than in the past and psychic phenomenon is common place and believed by many. The new millennium has brought us a world full of psychic connections and intertwined energy that is beyond our wildest dreams. Children are much more open to this energy and are able to not only be aware of it but to work with it as well. If you are the parent of a psychic kid I would suggest checking out some of the resources below in order to educate yourself on how best to handle your child as well as to connect with others who can offer excellent support and guidance.

Psychic Child Resources:
Psychic Child Books: