5 Simple Ways to Spot a Fake Psychic

If you are looking for a good psychic there are a few important tips you should know before investing a lot of time or money in them.

There are most definitely some gifted and talented psychics online but there are many frauds as well.

Unfortunately there is no Association or Organization that tests the psychics and gives them a certification proving that they have the skills they say they do.

Therefore it is up to you to know what signs to watch for when dealing with psychic advisors.  Below are 5 easy ways to tell if a psychic is fake and wasting your time.

5 Telltale Signs Your Psychic is a Fake

1. Guaranteed Results

All true psychics know that they can never 100% guarantee any results. If a psychic claims to be accurate one hundred percent of the time and guarantees that what they say will happen to you then that is a major warning sign.

The truth is that there are no guarantees and a real psychic will know that. Although a medium or clairvoyant person may be able to tell you what they see or feel, they can not guarantee that certain events will happen.

A psychic’s job is to read the psychic energy that surrounds you and interpret that energy back to you. You always have free will to create the events within your life so although a psychic can strongly recommend or advise on something, they can not guarantee it.

2. Asks for Personal Information

If your psychic is asking for personal information such as your social security number or other financial details then walk away right then and there.

There is absolutely no reason for a psychic to ask for those details and you should never ever give those details out. Therefore this would be a good indication that your psychic is not only fake but also a scam artist!

3. Keeps Asking for More Money

Most online or phone psychics charge by the minute. If your psychic asks for money over and beyond the per minute charge then you have a problem. If your psychic asks for a lump sum in order to clear a curse on you then you have an even bigger problem.

This type of tactic is sometimes used by fake psychics to pray on your weaknesses and emotions in order to get you to hand over more cash. If your psychic says they need more money for such things as extra props like crystals, candles, or to remove a curse then they are trying to take advantage of you.

In fact if your psychic starts talking of curses at all then you can bet they are a fake. A true psychic works with integrity and doesn’t try to take advantage of your misfortunes or emotional turmoil. A true psychic will set their rate right up front so you know exactly the cost before the reading even begins.

4. Asks Leading Questions

Leading questions are not always bad but sometimes they can be used to pry information from you without you realizing it. Manipulation is an art form and some fake psychics use it as a way to learn more about you in a round-a-bout way.

Use your intuition on this and if you feel the psychic is asking too many leading questions then they are probably not very gifted at all. Their questions can seem innocent but the answers you provide can give away far more than you think.

When you first begin your psychic reading, be careful how you answer their questions. Try not to give out any extra details that aren’t necessary.

A person with a lot of practice at this can take the information you are unwittingly giving out and make you think that they know far more than they actually do.

5. Changing Contact Information

If your psychic is continually changing their contact information then that should definitely raise a few alarms. If your psychic keeps changing psychic networks then that should also be a red flag.

A psychic with a good long-standing reputation will do everything they can to keep all their same contact details so that they are easy to find.

Of course your psychic may move at some point in their lifetime but if the moves are quite frequent that is when you should start looking for a new psychic.

A reputable psychic will want to establish themselves in one place or with one company and continue to build on that reputation.

Finding Authentic Psychics

There is no doubt that it can be a little tricky to find truly gifted authentic psychics. With so many online psychics now available you have to really be weary and know how to filter them out.

After much research and experimentation I now almost solely use the psychics from Psychic Source as I have been impressed with their advisors. I think the difference is the rigorous screening process they put their psychics through before they are hired.

However no matter which psychic you use, be sure to keep these 5 signs in the back of your mind and if any alarm bells are going off in your head then move on and look for someone new.