How Can I Tell If I’m Psychic

The first thing to know is that we are all psychic. Hard to believe but true!

Everyone has the capability of experiencing psychic abilities. It is simply a matter of what degree you have them and if you are aware that you are experiencing them.

So how can you tell if you are psychic?

To know if you are psychic you need to be open to experiencing psychic powers. If you are aware, your intuition will grow and the more confident you will be in your own intuition and psychic abilities.

As you are exploring and learning about your own psychic powers it is good to understand the different kind of psychic abilities that have been documented and researched. See a list of documented psychic abilities and their definitions.

Being psychic does not simply mean knowing something before it is going to happen. There are many other types of psychic powers. For someone new to psychic energy the best thing to do is to practice. This can be done in a couple of ways.

Simple Ways to Practice your Psychic Abilities
  • The easiest method to practice your intuition is to create your own psychic game. Draw five different shapes on five different pieces of paper. Shuffle them and try to guess which one you are holding up before you turn it over. Practicing this game will help you to tune inwards, breathe deep and lock into your own psychic abilities.
  • If you are more like me and don’t want to bother creating your own game then you can try this popular free psychic test? The Zener Cards Test has been around for ages and thousands have tried their hand at discovering their own psychic abilities. Try for yourself and see how you do. Don’t give up after only one try… remember practice will make any skill better… including psychic energy.
More Ways to Enhance your Psychic Energy

If you are open and willing to explore psychic energy and to develop your own psychic abilities don’t get discouraged or think that you just don’t have what it takes. I absolutely believe that any person if given the proper tools can enhance their psychic powers.

See our recommended psychic products to find our favorite tools for learning how to be psychic and for working with your own psychic abilities.