How Accurate are Psychic Readings?

The fact that psychic powers can seem so mystical and from out of this world tends to cause some people to think that psychics are super-human. The truth however is that they are normal human beings with some very special psychic abilities.

Psychic readings can be very helpful and a lot of fun but it is important not to expect them to be one hundred percent accurate. How accurate your psychic reading is will depend on a few things.

Accuracy of Your Psychic

I have had several psychic readings in my lifetime and have just about always found them to be interesting, eye opening and enjoyable. I have not however always found them to be accurate. Sometimes predictions never come true and other times they do happen but not at the time suggested.

These three things will determine the accuracy of your psychic reading:

  • First and foremost how gifted your psychic is. All psychics will have different levels of psychic abilities and some will be stronger than others. You will get an idea fairly quickly how experienced your psychic is and how well he or she is able to tap into your energy.
  • The next factor will be how open you are to receiving psychic advice. It can be difficult for some psychics to tap into your energy if you have a wall put up around you that you do not want anyone to penetrate. If this is the case with you then spend some time before your reading focusing on letting down your walls and allowing information and help to come your way. Simply meditating on this for a few moments will make a huge difference in the accuracy of your reading.
  • What abilities your psychic has. There are many, many different types of psychic abilities and not all psychics have the same gifts. Research your psychic before you get a reading and find out what abilities that person has. It is useless to get a reading with a psychic who specializes in an area that you have no interest in.

Needless to say psychic readings can vary enormously in accuracy. There are good psychics and bad psychics and far too many frauds.

Finding Guidance and Insight

To make sure your money is well spent and you get the guidance you are looking for do some research and look for psychics that have been recommended by others.

For most online psychics or phone psychics you will be able to try one out for a very low price which is a great way to test out a psychic advisor and see what you think.

Keep an open mind and make it an enjoyable experience. You may not always hear what you are hoping to hear but if the psychic is good they will tell you what you are meant to know.

For more information on getting accurate psychic readings see our recommended phone psychic.


  1. This article offers very good advice on finding a good psychic. I especially was happy to see that you touched on the openness of the client. I have some clients that are so closed that is it very difficult to penetrate the walls they have around them. When I was inexperienced, I thought I didn’t have enough ability but I later realized that was not the case. I agree these individuals should work on being more open before having their reading. Thank you.