What Makes a Good Psychic?

Many of us have had good and bad experiences with psychics. There is no question that there are several different key attributes involved in the making of a good psychic.

Ability and Skill

Obviously for a psychic to be good they need to have some type of special psychic abilities. Even if a psychic possesses all of the other key attributes, without skill they will not be a good psychic.

If they state that they are able to see the future, communicate with the dead or speak with spirit guides then they better be able to do as they say.


Often when people seek out psychics they are going through a hard time in their life. They may be having financial troubles, relationship heart ache or going through some life changing decisions.

It is important that a psychic be compassionate while still being professional. They need to be able to speak freely and truthfully while still remaining compassionate to the feelings and suffering of others.

Communication Skills

A psychic needs to be able to talk about a whole range of subjects many of which may be slightly uncomfortable. They need to have good communication skills in order to be clear about what they are saying and to get their message across in a short time period. They also need to be able to apply tact and communicate directly without being so blunt that it may be considered rude and uncaring.


Any good psychic will admit that they are not correct one hundred percent of the time. It is nice if the psychic knows they are good but it is important for them to realize that no matter how special their psychic abilities are… they are still human. Humility can go a long way to keeping customers happy and satisfied as well as coming back for more.


A good psychic will tell you the truth as they see it. It is important that the psychic not just tell you what they think you want to hear but exactly what they see or feel. Sometimes the truth can be hard and it can be difficult for a psychic to express negative news to their client. However if the psychic is truly good they will be able to point out the positive in the situation while still remaining truthful to the psychic reading.

It may seem like a good psychic is hard to find but they are out there and many are able to offer extremely helpful psychic readings.

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