Free Psychic Test

There are lots of ways to practice your psychic abilities. We all have energy we can work with and there is no reason your own psychic abilities can not be developed even stronger. By taking a free psychic test you can get an idea of where you stand with your psychic powers.

Below is a video of the extremely popular Zener Cards Test. It is free to try so give it a shot and see how you do.

Things to remember while developing your psychic abilities:
  • Tune in to your own energy
  • Be aware of the energy of others
  • Make a conscious intention to develop your psychic abilities
  • Practice following and trusting your intuition
  • Always protect yourself by imagining a beautiful white light surrounding your body
  • Have fun!
How to Develop Your own Psychic Abilities

Developing your own psychic abilities relies heavily on trusting your intuition. We all have it, some listen to it and put it to good use, others choose to ignore it. Become consciously aware of what your intuition is telling you every second of the day. Your psychic abilities will grow simply by tuning into your own inner voice.

Practice the free psychic test in the video above and learn to create your own psychic tests. You will likely be amazed with your own hidden powers!

Keep Yourself Protected

When working with energy and practicing your psychic abilities it tends to open you up to other energies. In order to keep yourself protected you can say a psychic mantra prayer of protection. This mantra can be said daily, weekly or just whenever you feel you need it.


  1. kristie chase says:

    Hi i just tried the card test and i scored 10 out of 15. thought it was prety cool. thanx.

  2. I scored 10 right, including the final one where you said to finish strong

  3. i got 13 right…

  4. I got eight right. šŸ™‚

  5. I got basically zero right! But still hopefull maybe cards … just isnt in my cards, but thank you.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I got 10 right. What was most interesting was those that most of the ones I got wrong turned out to be the next card. Ex. I said square, but it was a circle, but the next card was a square. I didn’t keep track of how many times that happened, but it was at least 4-5 times.

    • Yes, like Stephanie, I also kept predicted the one after the next, several times. I’ve seen this in my prediction of other things as well… that I am ahead of myself a step or a few steps. It’s often not so helpful for the choice in the NOW though…. Any suggestions what that means or what to do? Is it just about getting in the present? Or increasing focus? or something else?

      • It’s really quite interesting. I am not sure what that means, but my guess would be the same as yours that it is about practicing being in the moment instead of looking ahead.

  7. I got 7 right. I don’t think I predicted one squiggle. Lol.

    • I also kept predicting the shape after the one being presented like Stephanie did.

  8. i got 4 and my friend got 5

  9. i got 12.

  10. i got 8 correct.

  11. I got 10 on my first try. Usually I would guess one then I would be wrong and that would be the symbol to the next card. Kudos, loved your video (:

  12. i got 7 right

  13. I got 10 right. Apparently I have a mental block about the “cross”. Maybe I should call it a “plus sign” instead. hahaha
    Thanks for posting the video.

  14. I had 11, but I also drank a few glasses of wine..I would like to try this again sober haha. It was fun and interesting.

  15. i got the first one right.. which was star..
    dhen i guessed wrong for the rest of them
    BUT.. the ones i guess werent the ones u flipped but the next one after it
    each time.. i couldnt get them when they were right up but i seeen them as the next card.
    do you think im looking further into the future.?

    • Actually that is not easy to do so it does sound like you are looking further into the future… that is a gift all in itself. If you are able to do that then you could likely get really good at guessing the current card (as opposed to the next card) with a little practice. Well done!

  16. My daughter just did the Zener test and she got 19 out of 25 correct! I figured she would do well since she has been seeing spirits. I am utterly amazed!

  17. i got ten right, i was guessing the next card before it came

  18. I surprised myself and got 10 correct. Hey I heard that women have stronger psychic powers than men! Is that true?

  19. JESEJONES says:

    Well I got eleven right, woohoo the magic number 11, what did i win lol PLH

  20. I have just tried the test with the cards and scored 12 right, I was really pleased. I lost out when I got over confident, reckon we can all be a little guilty of that.

    Thanks, I enjoyed the challenge.