ESP – Curse or Gift?

You either believe in ESP or you don’t. There are just as many skeptics out there as there are believers. For those of us who have experienced ESP in our own lives, it is hard to tell us it does not exist. However there are always those who will try.

The believers in ESP range from social scientists, to natural scientists, to college professors, to academics in the arts, humanities and education as well as all types of people in between. We’re a fairly broad group that is willing to state that Extrasensory Perception is if not an established fact at least a very likely possibility.

What does remain to be decided however is whether having ESP abilities is a gift or a curse.

What is ESP?

According to Wikipedia “Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

You may have experienced it as knowing something was going to happen without being told. Or knowing what someone was thinking without them telling you.

Sometimes this is just an odd occurrence that makes you think gee that’s weird. However for certain individuals it is simply a part of daily life.

Why Could ESP be a Curse?

If extrasensory perception happens for someone on a daily basis it can be quite difficult to deal with.

Essentially that person will always know when others are lying, they may know events that will happen in the future and they will be getting all kinds of signals that they might want to just ignore.

Part of the problem with ESP is that you may feel a responsibility to act on the information that you perceive and others may not be happy to hear your thoughts.

For example, you may perceive that your friends husband is having an affair, that your friend or family member will lose their job or that your niece is going to get hurt.

When you try to explain what you perceive to the individuals involved they may think you are nuts and not want to believe you.

It can be very difficult to know information that others don’t and sometimes trying to help can cause hurt feelings or anger.

There is sometimes a lot of guilt felt by those who experience ESP. They may feel they should have done more to stop an event from occurring or they should have spoken up sooner.

Consequently for some, ESP can feel like a major curse until you understand how to work with it and create boundaries.

Embracing Your Gift

As with any psychic ability, it is up to you how you use and grow your special gifts.

Extrasensory perception can be a fantastic ability that allows you to make informed decisions in your own life. Over time you will learn to trust your intuition, feelings and messages that come to your mind and then act accordingly.

As far as dealing with other people, you will have to use your discretion as to when you feel you should speak up and when you shouldn’t.

Even though you may know of actions before they occur or sense what someone is thinking, you also must remember that each individual is doing the best they can on their own journey and sometimes lessons must be learned.

Very likely the best you can do is be there for your loved ones when they need you and make sure you are protected yourself.

The more you learn to manage and develop your abilities, the more it will feel like a gift as opposed to a curse.

Trust your perceptions, decide how you want to use your gifts and then grow with confidence.

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