Best Method to Enhance Psychic Abilities

Most of us would love to have stronger psychic abilities. You may have had a twinge of psychic power, psychic thoughts or psychic dreams at different times in your life but do not know how to enhance your abilities so that you can access them whenever you like.

Growing your psychic energy is not hard but it does take time. Very rarely does psychic energy develop and grow over night.  Usually it takes years of exploring, trying, experimenting and working with energy before experiencing strong psychic abilities.

In order to enhance your psychic abilities you will need to focus and dedicate yourself to practicing and working with energy. One of the best known methods to do this is with meditation.

Meditation & Psychic Energy go Hand in Hand

There is one main thing you need to do before beginning to develop your psychic abilities and that is to make the decision to do so.

A decision signifies intent and that is a powerful thing. What you focus on tends to be where energy goes so making that initial decision will get the ball rolling.

Once you have made the decision to work with your psychic energy the next best thing to do is start meditating.

If you have never done much meditation that might sound a bit scary but the truth is you only need to start with meditating for ten minutes a day to make a real difference.  After a very short while ten minutes will become twenty minutes and your meditation practice will just grow from there.

The best way to enhance psychic awareness is to get in touch with your higher self and the best way to do that is through meditation. There are many different meditation techniques and there are no rules as to which techniques you should use.

Find a technique that works for you and just go with it. For example:

  • You may be most comfortable sitting in your bed meditating first thing in the morning
  • Or you may prefer a walking meditation
  • Or possibly even a group meditation practice

They are all good methods as each one will promote peace, calmness, self-healing and a connection to your higher self.

How Meditation Affects Psychic Energy

Psychic energy will have trouble developing if you have a lot of blockages. Blockages can be caused by negativity, life events and even past life traumas. Meditation can help remove those blockages and get your energy flowing again.

This in turn leaves room for your psychic energy to grow. Most well known psychics spend a fair amount of time meditating, staying connected to a higher source and clearing their own negative blocks.

It is Important to Relax, Breathe and Focus

If you can’t relax, you will have trouble tapping into your psychic energy. Therefore begin by practicing ten minutes of meditation each day and gradually build it up to longer.

It is sometimes a good idea to keep a journal of your meditation experiences. Over time your focus will increase, your energy will grow and your psychic abilities will become stronger. With inner peace comes spiritual awareness and the ability to recognize and enhance your psychic abilities.

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    Sir ,
    I’m Clairsentient. I can feel the emotions of people ( it help me to determine what other feel about me , whether they feel disgust or love).
    I can also feel where something, like keys and etc. are placed , I also have lucid dreams but this does not happen frequently.
    I wish to increase my powers .
    please help.

    looking forward to your reply.

  2. if you ask me..I don’t really rely on Psychic for anyithng,I don’t condone it.. but it’s fun to do anyway!I’ve several occasions where I tried psychic readings on personal, not online. I find it fun but it needs someone with an open mind to handle