Energy Vibration for 2012

There has been much written about the new energy vibration that will come into play by 2012. Basically the increase in vibrational energy will be felt by all people. It is not an immediate and drastic switch but rather one that has been building for years and will reach a new peak by 2012.

The Changes in Mother Earth

Our planet Earth has an energy field that affects every living thing here. The energy vibration is becoming faster and growing lighter.

This planetary energy field affects the personal energy field of each individual person. Our own energy fields need to adapt and change as well in order to keep up with the vibration of the planet as a whole.

If your vibration is able to change with the main planetary energy vibration then you will automatically gravitate towards the center of the energy which is peaceful and quiet.

However if your vibration is not able to adapt in time you will feel heavy and dense and the intensity of the new energy will affect you on many levels and may cause you a fair amount of discomfort. Essentially you will stay on the outside of the new energy as opposed to growing with it.

It is far more beneficial to change with this new vibration where you will feel calm and peaceful.

How to Change your Personal Energy Vibration

Your energy vibration field is likely changing with or without you realizing it. Many of those who refuse or cannot change their vibration are choosing to leave the planet and reincarnate later on when the energy shift is complete.

For the rest of us who choose to remain we will need to be aware of the changes and willing to adapt as we go along so that we can become leaders in the new world of faster and lighter energy.

The choice of whether to change or not and ascend to a higher dimension will be completely up to you. The end result will be whatever you choose to manifest.

If you choose to ascend you will need to be open to receive the higher frequency energies that are being transmitted. You can do this through your beliefs and your mindset.

Through reading and understanding how energy works and how it affects your chakras and your vibrations your energy will naturally shift and your higher chakras (7 – 15) will open and your frequency and DNA will naturally raise.

You can accelerate the process through:

  • Meditation
  • By connecting to many sacred energy sites on the planet
  • By reading as much as you can, learning and understanding – this in itself will open your mind and change your energy vibration

The ultimate goal is to learn the lessons of love, compassion and empathy. If you can focus on those vibrations and open your mind to accept new forms of thought then you will find the process of adapting to the new energy vibration of 2012 a lot easier.

If you need answers and guidance along the way tune within and connect to your higher self, your spirit guides or to the Universal Source itself. For psychic help see our recommended phone psychic.


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