How to Recognize and Detect Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity can be anywhere and some people are able to pick up on it while others either can not perceive it or else they do not recognize the signs of paranormal energy.

If you have a feeling or a sense that you have some paranormal activity either in your home or in your workplace then you probably do.

There are a few telltale signs that can help to notify you of paranormal energy that may be close by.

How to Detect Paranormal Activity

There are three major signs that can alert you of paranormal energy within a certain space.

1. Cold Spots

Cold spots are a term used by paranormal investigators and are fairly self explanatory. A cold spot is when you are in a normally even temperature room and suddenly you walk through an area that is freezing cold. Sometimes you can literally stand just outside of the cold spot and stick your hand in and feel the freezing cold temperature.

It is believed that a cold spot is where the ghost or spirit feeds off energy in order to sustain their own form. It is very common in a place that has ghosts to hear about people walking into a certain space and feeling very cold and strange. Or it is also common to hear about feeling a cold breeze past by a person likely because the ghost just passed by.

2. Intuition

Your intuition can be one of the biggest signs that paranormal activity is around you. Many people tend to ignore their intuition or doubt their feelings and thoughts. However if you walk into a room and feel the hairs on your arm stand on end and have a strange feeling like you are not alone, there is a good possibility there are ghosts in that room.

For example: Many years ago my friend and I were visiting another friend who lived on the fourth floor of an old apartment building. We decided to climb the stairs to get to her apartment as opposed to taking the elevator.

As we reached the landing for the third floor my friend and I both instantly felt chilled and had a very strange and unpleasant feeling. It was so creepy in fact that we ran the rest of the way up the stairs and refused to take the stairs back down again.

In this case our intuition was screaming at us and it felt as though something very bad had happened on that landing. Personally I had had some experience with ghosts but my friend had not and the experience really spooked her. She still talks about it to this day and there is no doubt in her mind that there was some paranormal activity going on in that staircase.

Instances like that are quite common in areas where energy has become trapped. Listening to your intuition is a key part in detecting paranormal activity and can give you the most powerful signs.

3. Moved Objects and Electrical Appliances

Paranormal activity may be detected by realizing that objects have moved or disappeared. Sometimes the objects will move to a completely different location. Other times an object may just fall for no apparent reason or a door may bang shut when there is no reason for it to have done so.

It can also be quite common for electrical appliances to get turned on and off. An example would be the television turning on for no reason or the volume suddenly turning up quite loud. I have also heard of music boxes suddenly playing music. All of these things could indicate paranormal activity.

Trust Your Gut

When any of the above three things are combined with a strong gut feeling then it is very possible you have some ghostly activity going on around you. At the very least they are cause for further psychic investigation

If you feel you may have some ghostly encounters happening around you or within your space then try a recommended phone psychic for some guidance and help.


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