4 Easy Steps to Control Your Mind

Your mind, or more specifically your brain, is a vital factor in maintaining good health as well as a positive mental and emotional reality. By learning to control your mind and each thought that passes through your brain you can then use it as a powerful tool to benefit just about every aspect of your life.

Most people are only vaguely aware of the thoughts that pass through their head. Once you make your thoughts a priority and really take note of what you are thinking it can actually be a little scary. Many people have a whole string of negative habitual thoughts patterns that are so much a part of their daily lives that it simply seems normal.

The fact however is that if you can learn to control those thoughts and break those habits you can actually make your thoughts work for you as opposed to working against you.

In order to control your mind and reap the beneficial rewards you will need to follow the below four steps.

4 Steps to Control Your Mind

1. Make the Choice and Set the Intention

If you have ever tried to break a bad habit then you know how difficult it can be. In order to really stick with this you must make a conscious choice to make a change and then set your intention.

For example your goal may be to have complete control over your thoughts so your intention will be to not only be aware of your thoughts, but to also change them and do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Be very clear about your goal and then say it out loud and write it down.

You will only be accountable to yourself so it is necessary to be firm with your decision.

2. Take Note of Every Single Thought Form

For the most part thoughts are continuous so it can be exhausting to be aware of them at all times. This will take a little practice but once you get used to the idea, it will begin to come naturally.

In order to change your thoughts to a positive you must be aware of them first. So take note of each thought that passes through your head, no matter what you are doing. Be careful not to judge them at this stage, simply be aware.

3. Make the Switch to a Positive Thought

Once you have spent some time realizing what thoughts you are thinking and how your thought patterns form in different situations you will need to begin to change them.

Each person has the power to control what they think. Considering that your thoughts create your reality, this is a powerful and positive tool completely at your disposal to work with as you please. Negative habitual thought patterns can do an incredible amount of damage and really take over and hinder your life.

By switching your negative thoughts to a positive each time you will in time create new positive thought habits that will simply become a part of who you are. Do not expect this to be easy, the negative thoughts are usually really engrained in your subconscious.

However if you have made the choice to make this process a part of your day to day life, it will in time become effortless and the positive thought patterns will cement themselves into your subconscious and conscious mind.

One thing that has worked really well for me is I came up with a standard affirmation that I could use whenever I couldn’t think of a positive thought to change it to. If I was stuck for positive words or thoughts I would repeat to myself “I love myself exactly as I am right now”. This worked well for me and basically told my mind that I do not except that negative thought and I choose to think this positive affirmation instead.

Mind Control = Positive Energy

Once your new positive thought patterns become your new habits, they will create a huge amount of positive energy within your life which will in turn attract positive energy right back to you. It is a wonderful and rewarding cycle.

4. Brain Frequency Control

One of the best things that I have found to help with mind control is to work directly with your brain frequencies. You can do this by listening to an external stimulus such as binaural beats brainwave audios.

By listening to a quick binaural beats recording you can bypass your conscious mind and work directly with your subconscious. In this way you are able to make much faster progress by helping your brain to create the right frequencies for a positive mind state.

They will also help to alleviate:

  • stress and anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • emotional and mental turmoil

All of which can be detrimental to changing negative thought forms. If you can combine the brainwave audios with some positive affirmations you will find your energy and life changing for the better at a much faster rate.

Learn more about binaural beats and how they can help to control your mind.

Mind control is practiced by athletes, successful people and recently by regular people from all over the world. As we learn more about the power of the mind, it becomes obvious that it is a wonderful tool that we can use either for the positive or the negative.

The choice is yours whether or not you use it to create a more positive reality to attract all the things you want in life. As with anything, a little bit of work and commitment can go a long way!