Communicating with the Afterlife through a Journal

When my mother passed away in November of 2010 I was devastated. It was a very sudden death and she was far too young and vibrant to go so early. The unimaginable grief that I felt consumed me for a long period of time.

We were very connected and I was used to speaking with her daily. I needed an outlet to communicate with her and without even thinking about it much I began to journal. I wrote in my journal each morning to help get my day started and each journal entry started with “Dear Mom,”.

I wrote about my thoughts, my feelings, my frustrations, my fears, my hopes, and my sadness. I asked her questions… questions about why she left so early, questions wondering if she was okay, questions about how to live without her, questions about my life and future. I spoke freely and openly and figured if nothing else it must be very therapeutic for me.

A Crazy Thing Happened – A Direct Communication Began

Within a couple of weeks of writing something crazy and amazing happened. A close friend of mine (who was also close with my mother) went for a massage. The lady who was giving the massage was very spiritual and very open to receiving energies.

Before the massage even began my friend (who for the sake of her anonymity I will call Sarah) began to speak of her sadness over the loss of my mother and that she was having a difficult time dealing with it. Within this conversation the ‘massage lady’ stated that my mother was there with them in the room and she wanted to speak with Sarah.

Is She Nuts?

Now personally I would have been a little more open to this suggestion but Sarah had never had any experience in this area and her first thought was “Is this lady nuts?” The common reaction I am sure from most people is “yeah right, what are you trying to pull?”

However Sarah decided to hear her out and within minutes she became a major believer.

The reason is because my mother immediately told her what name she used to call her in order to make Sarah more comfortable and to listen closely.

Now in tears and feeling strangely numb and excited Sarah began to listen as my Mom gave her messages to bring to me. Sarah said that in a very short period of time she could feel my Mom’s vibration in the room and feel that she was happy and okay.

My Answers Came Flooding In

Now as you can imagine my friend Sarah was very hesitant to tell me what she experienced as she wasn’t sure if I would believe her and she did not want to add to my grief. However with much thought and caring she thankfully decided that she simply must tell me.

I was hesitant when she told me about her experience with the massage lady until she began to relay the messages. My Mom had answered every single question that I had asked in my journal… and I mean every question!

She said things that no one else knew about and had no way of knowing. It was shocking and awesome all at the same time.

So My Journaling Continued

After realizing that my journaling was a way for me to directly communicate with my Mom I continued daily for about a year.

I sometimes asked my Mom to please show me she is still with me and that she is okay and inevitably she would show me in some way.

Below are some examples of this:

  • Right after I asked if she was still with me one time I found a John Lennon CD that she had loved and lost years ago. It was significant because she used to talk about how much she loved it and couldn’t figure out what had happened to it. It was a joke between us because I always used to tell her to just go buy a new one but she never did. I suddenly opened my CD cupboard (a cupboard I go into often) and there it was sitting on the shelf right in plain sight – crazy.
  • Another time I was feeling particularly lonely and I said I needed to know if she was still with me.  Right after I asked I went out for a walk. Within seconds of leaving my house a woman walked by and looked at me and called me by my Mom’s name. I said no my name is Rachel and she said oh I’m sorry I thought you were someone else. My Mom had an unusual name and I knew it was no coincidence, I also knew this lady did not know my Mom.

The Communication Continues Today

I took a break from journaling for awhile. It became less necessary for me once I felt stronger and more independent. However lately I felt the need for it again and I began my routine of journaling each morning.

Twice now I have asked my Mom questions and I was thrilled that the answers came to me very quickly – usually within 12 hours.

The first time I asked where something important was that I had lost and the second time I asked where I should move to, as this was something I was contemplating but confused about. Both times the answers came to me in thought form and I know my Mom is still there to guide me when I need her.

Don’t Give Up on Your Loved Ones

I don’t know if this would work the same for everyone or not. I only know that journaling works for me and has allowed me to open a direct access for communicating with my Mom.  I also know that it is difficult for others to believe until they have experienced it themselves.

There is no doubt in my mind that she is able to help me when I need her and there is no doubt in my mind that she is able to receive all my messages. It is truly amazing and even when I write this down and read it over it still blows my mind.

So my advice for any other person who has lost a loved one and is suffering with grief and sadness is this…

Don’t give up on them. In my experience they are not that far away and communication is possible.

The fact that we can’t have them physically in our lives anymore is something that I am not sure you can ever get used to. In my experience the pain does not go away, you just get used to living with it.

However if you can find a way to communicate and then watch for signs or messages, you may be surprised with what happens. Open the doorway of communication on your side and then allow them to do the same.

I can’t say I miss my Mom any less today than I did the moment she died. However I am comforted by the fact that I know we can still communicate and love each other.

I hope this method works for others as well as it has worked for me.

I lucked out that the ‘massage lady’ was used as a vessel to give me a message. If you would like to have a meeting with someone who is open to receive energies like that then check out our recommended phone psychics and do a little research to find the right person.

I think we all have the ability to receive answers from the afterlife, we just need to find the right vehicle to receive them.