Chakra Tuning

Your chakras are an extremely important part of your energy and your spiritual development. When they are out of balance nothing functions properly on a physical level, emotional level, as well as on a mental and spiritual level.

There are many ways to ‘tune-up’ your chakras including:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • reiki
  • and many other types of healing methods

If you have every tried chakra tuning you will likely have experienced a sense of energy and calmness all at once. Chakra tuning can be extremely powerful and is very important to channel and direct your spiritual energy.

Chakra Tuning through Binaural Beats

One of the easiest methods that I have found for chakra tuning is through the use of binaural beats.

What are binaural beats?

This is when two separate frequency waves are introduced to each ear independently. Your brain then reacts by creating a third tone. This third tone is the difference between the two separate frequencies and can create a shift in consciousness. Binaural beat frequencies can be used to achieve many different states of consciousness including chakra tuning.

Different combinations of binaural beats can stimulate different chakras. You can either stimulate each chakra individually or you can stimulate them all at the same time within one session. However it is recommended to stimulate each chakra individually as this has been shown to produce a more powerful effect.

Benefits of Chakra Tuning

It is believed that your chakra system is one of your most important systems to balance. The benefits of tuning your chakra’s are numerous and include:

  • Increase in energy
  • Physical healing
  • Emotional stability
  • Increase in spiritual awareness
  • Sense of well being

Tuning the different chakra’s will produce different effects as each chakra represents a different point of energy.

Where to Get Binaural Beats for Chakra Tuning

I use the binaural beats and the isochronic tones from The Unexplainable Store. They have a brainwave audio that is embedded with the exact frequencies needed for chakra tuning. Their recordings come in either MP3 downloads or on CD’s. They are easy to use and best of all they work really well.

Read our review of The Unexplainable Store and learn more about how binaural beats for chakras can increase your energy, lower your stress level and bring you to a more balanced state of being.