Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Predictions for 2013

Thomas John is a well known and respected psychic with clients such as high-profile celebrities, doctors, lawyers and Wall Street moguls. He is known for being very accurate and detailed and his psychic predictions each year are always big news. Below are his 2013 psychic predictions. Predictions For The U.S. A terrorist attack involving something in the sky – a … [Read more...]

World Famous 2012 Psychic Predictions

Continuing on with our psychic predictions for 2012 we will take a look at three more famous psychics and their thoughts for this year. LaMont Hamilton Lamont or as many call him “Monte” has several degrees including a degree in psychology, education and business. He is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master and a registered hypnotherapist. His interests are varied and he has … [Read more...]

Various 2012 Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions – a topic I love. It doesn’t matter if they don’t all come true. The fact that even a few become reality is enough to keep me hooked and watching. I am always curious as to what some of the famous psychic personalities are predicting for the coming years. We are half way through 2012 now so let’s see if any of these notorious psychics know their … [Read more...]

Fun Psychic Predictions for 2011

I love psychic predictions. Sometimes they come true and sometimes they do not but there is no denying they are fun to read it is interesting to speculate on the events of the years to come. At the beginning of this year a popular radio station out of Los Angeles, K-Earth 101 did a program on their morning show that listed the psychic predictions of Nikki, a Toronto based … [Read more...]

Get Personal Psychic Predictions For 2011

All the great psychics are known for sharing their own psychic predictions for each New Year. 2011 is no different and there are many psychics willing to foretell what the year holds ahead and how events will affect your life. The most notorious psychic predictions are usually those of Sylvia Browne and we have written a couple of articles on this website stating her … [Read more...]

More Sylvia Browne Predictions for 2010 and 2011

Sylvia Browne without question is one of the most fascinating psychics of our time. Each year she dishes out her latest predictions and although they sometimes seem far-fetched, they are also always interesting. Thousands of people each year seek out her psychic predictions and they are taken in with great interest. I am not sure if anyone actually believes any persons … [Read more...]

Psychic Predictions from Sylvia Browne

Psychic predictions have long been a fascination for many. Although they do not always come true… it has also been shown that many do. That creates interest and speculation from people of all walks of life, from some who do believe in psychics and from others who do not. Sylvia Browne has as many followers as she does disbelievers. Some of her predictions have been known to … [Read more...]