Give the Gift Of A Psychic Reading

Stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts? Wondering what to get for that person who has everything? How about a psychic reading? An introductory psychic reading for a friend or family member is an inexpensive way to dish out a little holiday help. At Psychic Source you can choose one of three introductory offers… $10 for a 10 minute reading $20 for a 20 minute … [Read more...]

Celebrity Psychic Thomas John Predictions for 2013

Thomas John is a well known and respected psychic with clients such as high-profile celebrities, doctors, lawyers and Wall Street moguls. He is known for being very accurate and detailed and his psychic predictions each year are always big news. Below are his 2013 psychic predictions. Predictions For The U.S. A terrorist attack involving something in the sky – a … [Read more...]

World Famous 2012 Psychic Predictions

Continuing on with our psychic predictions for 2012 we will take a look at three more famous psychics and their thoughts for this year. LaMont Hamilton Lamont or as many call him “Monte” has several degrees including a degree in psychology, education and business. He is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master and a registered hypnotherapist. His interests are varied and he has … [Read more...]

Various 2012 Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions – a topic I love. It doesn’t matter if they don’t all come true. The fact that even a few become reality is enough to keep me hooked and watching. I am always curious as to what some of the famous psychic personalities are predicting for the coming years. We are half way through 2012 now so let’s see if any of these notorious psychics know their … [Read more...]

Opening your Mind to the Other Side

The mysterious “other side” is a common topic of interest. It can mean a lot of different things but in general to open your mind to the other side is simply being open to other realities beyond your conscious physical state. Those who have passed away are sometimes said to go to the other side. Mediums often refer to the other side in psychic readings where they connect … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t Need Psychic Help?

If there is one thing that I can say I have learned over the years it is that life does not always go the way you planned. When the bad times hit, they tend to hit hard and if you are not prepared for them (who really ever is?) they can hurt and have damaging effects. Usually during these times you will need to make some type of decision… decision to change, decision to … [Read more...]

Advantages of a Vegetarian Psychic

You may have noticed that many spiritual people do not eat meat. Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between being vegetarian and being psychic? Does psychic development depend on what you eat? I thought these were interesting questions that were worth exploring. I have personally been vegetarian all my life but not because I wanted to be more psychic. My brother … [Read more...]

How to Cut your Psychic Energy Cord

There are lots of things in this world that we know are there but we can not see. For example we know there is air to breathe but we can’t see it. We can feel the wind on our face but we can’t see it. The same goes for energy. We know energy exists but we can not see all types of energy. There is an invisible cord of energy that attaches you to each person you are … [Read more...]