4 Easy Steps to Control Your Mind

Your mind, or more specifically your brain, is a vital factor in maintaining good health as well as a positive mental and emotional reality. By learning to control your mind and each thought that passes through your brain you can then use it as a powerful tool to benefit just about every aspect of your life. Most people are only vaguely aware of the thoughts that pass … [Read more...]

Using Brainwave Audios to Find Love

The above title might seem a bit strange as you might wonder how on earth listening to a brainwave audio is going to help you find love. However it has been proven that like energy attracts like energy and positive thoughts can create your reality. The Unexplainable Store has come out with a brand new very specialized brainwave audio that is tuned to a very low Theta … [Read more...]

Proven Manifestation Technique

I am sure you have all heard the phrase – if you think it, you can create it! Such is the power of the mind and the mind is the key to successful manifestation. Your thoughts create your reality and you become what you think you will become. That is why so much has been said about positive thinking and how you need to eliminate or free yourself from these negative thoughts … [Read more...]