Are you Cursed?

Have you ever felt like you had a curse put on you? Or possibly you may have felt so angry with someone that you wished you could curse them.

Curses are a very powerful and misunderstood concept in our society. You do not need special psychic powers to place a curse and you may have several curses on you that you are not even aware of.

A curse is simply a very powerful negative energetic thought form focused on a specific person.

We are all energy and our thoughts are pure energy in motion. A strong negative thought or charged emotion directed at a specific person in your life can turn into a curse that not only negative impacts the receiver of the curse but also sucks on your energy in order to keep it alive.

Curses Explained

For most of us, life is not all roses and smiley faces. There are negative situations that must be dealt with and charged emotions with friends, family members and sometimes even strangers.

Unless we are really in check with what thoughts we are thinking we may be unintentionally or maybe intentionally sending a curse to an unknowing recipient. On the flip side, that person may be cursing you!

A curse is not black magic or some type of sorcery. It is simply pure energy used in a negative way. When a negative thought is held long enough or strong enough against another person a curse is formed.

That curse will negative effect the recipient in some way either emotionally, physically, or spiritually as well as feed from your energy field in order to stay active and alive.

Intentional or Unintentional?

You may have intentionally wanted to curse someone in the past but more often than not curses or totally unintentional.

A negative charged interaction occurs – sometimes it only lasts mere moments but is highly charged, other times it may be a negative situation that brews over time – the result is a curse either placed on someone else or placed on you.

The Best of Intentions

Believe it or not a curse can also be caused even when you have the best of intentions at heart. Have you ever wanted to help someone change his or her ways in some manner or form?

A good intention to help someone when in reality you are interfering with that person’s way of life in some way can cause a curse to occur.

It is important to remember that people are on their own journey evolving at their own pace. Constant nagging or well meaning advice that is not welcome can have the opposite effect than you may intend.

It can create a negatively charged energy with a curse attached between you and your loved one. Until that curse is removed that negative energy will remain and drain the both of you.

A Curse is Always a Two-Way Street

A curse will attack and negatively impact the receiver but it will also suck on your energy to stay alive. In intentionally or unintentionally cursing another person you are in effect cursing yourself as well. It takes a lot of energy to keep that curse alive and doing so will be at your expense both on an emotional level, a physical level and an energetic level.

Getting Rid of Curses

It is possible to clear curses that have been placed on you as well as curses that you have placed on others.

It is often not even necessary to know whom the curses came from or who the receivers were.

Remember that curses are negatively charged thoughts directed at another. Energy can also be shifted and cleared when it is no longer serving a purpose.

A curse can be removed in a few ways. Below are some methods that have worked for me.

  • Meditate and ask for inner guidance – ask yourself if there is a curse placed on you or if you have placed a curse on another person. Trust the answers you receive while sitting in silence. Ask for help in removing the curses that are not serving your highest good.
  • Muscle test to find out the answers – this can be an effective method of finding out how many curses there are, if you are allowed to remove them and if there is any information you need to know about these curses. After that removing them is simply a matter of asking for help and seeing in your minds eye the energetic cord being severed.
  • Seek outside help. As always if you are unable or unsure whether you are able to clear the curses yourself then seek outside help from a trusted healer, psychic or advisor.

The important think to remember when removing curses is to make sure your feet are firmly grounded to the floor, you have an energetic protective shield surrounding you, you ask for help from your guides, angels or whoever you wish to seek help from and that you give gratitude for this help.

Also ask that once the curse is broken that it is completely sealed and returned to its source. Imagine your own energy field filling up the hole where the curse once lived with white healing energy.

Remember that a curse will only be removed if it is ready to be removed. It is up to you to do the energetic work and focus on positive thought forms and energy.

As old energetic layers are removed, replace them with positive, loving and healing energy. Then mind your own thoughts and place a protective energy shield around yourself daily for protection.