Advantages of a Vegetarian Psychic

You may have noticed that many spiritual people do not eat meat. Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between being vegetarian and being psychic? Does psychic development depend on what you eat?

I thought these were interesting questions that were worth exploring. I have personally been vegetarian all my life but not because I wanted to be more psychic. My brother became vegan later on in life and his reasons were purely spiritual.

Has our consciousness progressed to a higher level because we keep animal products out of our bodies? I am not sure but with a little research here is what I have learned about being a vegetarian psychic.

Eating Vegetarian & Psychic Development

It seems that many people believe that in order to ascend to higher levels of consciousness, as well as in order to heal and in order to grow your psychic abilities it is important to not eat any animal products or bi-products.


I have heard before that whatever energy the animal carried with them at death stays with the meat even when it enters your body. For example if the animal was mistreated and terrified at its time of death then that energy enters your body when you eat it.

Negative energy like that will lower your own energy, create blocks and consequently limit your psychic and spiritual development.

This makes a lot of sense to me as I believe we are all made of energy and energy can carry forward even after death.


The other thing I learned is that one of the biggest lessons and factors in psychic and spiritual development is that of compassion and empathy.

Therefore the lack of compassion involved in allowing other living things to be tortured and killed for the sake of food could greatly hinder your psychic development.

Compassion is a key that must be lived fully in order to reach an evolved state of mind.

Psychic Powers

There was a study done by researchers at the University of California that found that those who follow a vegetarian diet have more psychic powers than those who do not.

In this study vegetarian and non-vegetarian subjects were tested by predicting the outcome of a random number generator. Scientists monitored their brain waves on an EEG machine.

The project’s leading researcher Raymond Carter found that more than 95 percent of the subjects who followed a strictly vegetarian diet were able to correctly predict the randomly generated number. Less than 5 percent of the meat eaters were able to do so.

Similar studies in Asia and Europe have also proven that a vegetarian diet dramatically increases a person’s psychic brainwaves.

Super Powered Veggies

Carter believes that one of the causes for vegetarians to have stronger psychic powers has to do with a chemical called cryptoselopholid which is an amino acid that is found mostly in fruits and vegetables but is almost non-existent in meats and processed foods.

Cryptocelopholid has been shown to boost psychic brainwaves in humans. In fact legend goes that Nostradamus was able to see into the future because he ate a dozen tomatoes everyday. Hmmm… I don’t know if I buy that one and I wouldn’t recommend eating a dozen tomatoes everyday but still it is interesting stuff.

What to Do if You are a Meat Eater

If you love your meat and do not feel that a vegetarian diet would be best for you then there is still something you can do to help counter effect the negative energy contained within the animal products and still boost your psychic abilities.

Before you eat the meat try saying this little blessing… “Bless this animal for giving its life to nourish my body”. Imagine only positive energy entering your body and try to only purchase meat from animals who have been treated fairly and fed proper diets.

Although I know that meat is not right for me I can respect that there are many who believe it is right for them.  Therefore I think if you can purchase your meat from a good source and have the right intention while eating it, your psychic abilities can still flourish and grow.

Until your psychic development progresses you can always seek advice from a trusted psychic advisor. See our recommended phone psychic for more information.