Accurate Psychic Advice – How to Find It

Any person who has ever begun a search for a good psychic has questioned whether or not a psychic is truthful and gives accurate psychic advice.

Of course it is really difficult to know if a psychic really has a gift or is just making stuff up on the spot. Have you ever wondered if there is a way to tell how HONEST your psychic is before you even start the reading?

There are a few ways to find accurate psychic advice and below we will take a closer look at exactly what they are.

The Facts

There are literally thousands of phone psychics and online psychics available for quick and easy psychic readings on the internet. They are available all hours of the day and night and many advertise different psychic areas of expertise. While many of these psychics may be very talented in what they do, what percentage can truly be trusted?

Unfortunately there is a fairly large amount of online psychics that should not be trusted. It takes research and possibly some trial and error to find authentic psychic advisors.

Facts show us that most psychic services are not very credible. To find reputable and authentic psychic advice you want to watch for these two things:

  1. Only choose a psychic network that screens their psychics before hand. In my research I discovered that most psychic websites do not screen their psychics. However there is a small percentage of psychic networks that do. Psychic Source for example has a rigorous screening process and they only hire about 4% of the people who apply to work as a psychic for their network.
  2. Check the satisfaction guarantee policy. A good psychic network will offer unbiased reviews of their psychics as well as a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your psychic advice. If they have faith in their psychics then they will offer a good guarantee.
Know Where to Look

It can be hard if you don’t know the right places to look. The internet has made hundreds of psychics available at your fingertips but it has also encouraged many frauds to try and make a quick buck.

If you know which psychic websites to visit… and believe me there are lots you don’t want to even get close to… then you will find yourself some great psychic advice.

3 Things to Remember
  • Only shop the reputable online psychic sites that have a proven reputation for honesty and integrity.
  • Read the psychic reviews. They are usually written by people just like you who wanted some accurate psychic advice. They can be a good way to get a feel for a psychic.
  • Don’t think you have to spend a LOT of money on your psychic reading. The psychic business is very competitive. There is a lot of choice and there are some excellent online psychics and phone psychics available for as little as $10 to $20.
  • An honest psychic may try and get you to call back for another reading but they will not try to up-sell you a more expensive package. A good psychic will also stick to the point and not try to waste your time.
Most Importantly…

The most important factor in finding accurate psychic advice is to trust your intuition. Trust that gut feeling that can be such an important guide. This has always worked well for me and I have learned to trust it even when it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

If all else fails, just give one a try, make it a cheap call and test the waters. You can usually tell after just a couple of minutes whether or not you will want to continue with your psychic reading. Just remember… if you do not feel a connection with your psychic then hang up and try someone new.

Where to Go?

I have done a lot of research on different psychic services and unfortunately there is a lot of bad that comes with the good. I ended up with one psychic website that I now trust and use for my psychic phone readings.

To get more information on my favorite psychic service see our recommended Phone Psychics where you will learn not only where to get accurate psychic advice but what you need to watch for as well.