About PsychicPulse.com:

The Psychic Pulse team consists of one person… me. My name is Rachel and I have had a major interest in psychic energy for most of my life.

I decided to join my passion for psychic services, psychic energy, writing and creating websites into a fantastic psychic resource to be shared with others who want to learn more about all things psychic.

The internet has given all of us access to thousands of psychics from around the world. We can get a reading done at any time of the day or night. With access to psychics so easily at our finger tips, the question becomes which psychic do I choose and what questions should I ask?

I will share my own experiences with psychic energy and hopefully help others to discover their own gifts. I continue to use psychic services today when I find I need guidance and advice as well as work on developing my own psychic abilities. There is so much to learn and so much fun that can be had with psychc energy. Hopefully I can share some of this adventure and knowledge with others who share a similar passion for all things psychic.

May your own psychic energy grow daily as you continue on with this journey!