Archives for February 2012

How to Cut your Psychic Energy Cord

There are lots of things in this world that we know are there but we can not see. For example we know there is air to breathe but we can’t see it. We can feel the wind on our face but we can’t see it. The same goes for energy. We know energy exists but we can not see all types of energy. There is an invisible cord of energy that attaches you to each person you are … [Read more...]

Easy Steps to Increase your Psychic Communication

Psychic communication… everyone has it, but not everyone is able to use it. Increasing your psychic awareness and psychic communication takes practice. Whether you are a beginner or advanced when it comes to psychic abilities there are some easy techniques you can use to help improve your psychic communication skills and bring them to a new and more powerful level. Below … [Read more...]