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Proven Manifestation Technique

I am sure you have all heard the phrase – if you think it, you can create it! Such is the power of the mind and the mind is the key to successful manifestation. Your thoughts create your reality and you become what you think you will become. That is why so much has been said about positive thinking and how you need to eliminate or free yourself from these negative thoughts … [Read more...]

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

What is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is when you realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is when you are in a sleep state but you are conscious enough to be aware that you are dreaming and possibly are then able to control your dream. Some of you may have experienced this before unintentionally. However, to be able to control when you lucid dream can be … [Read more...]

How to Use a Psychic Shield for Psychic Protection

If you are experimenting with psychic energy or have experienced psychic phenomenon then you are going to need to have a psychic shield. A psychic shield is an essential tool for protecting you from: Entities or spirits that are attached to you Energy sucking and negative thought forms of a psychic vampire (person who uses their energy to bring yours down) Once you … [Read more...]

Psychic Predictions from Sylvia Browne

Psychic predictions have long been a fascination for many. Although they do not always come true… it has also been shown that many do. That creates interest and speculation from people of all walks of life, from some who do believe in psychics and from others who do not. Sylvia Browne has as many followers as she does disbelievers. Some of her predictions have been known to … [Read more...]